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Copcisa Industrial’s companies establish rigorous quality control checks throughout all the works and services processes

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Copcisa Industrial views quality as a vital part of the company, and has proved this year after year. With the aim of maintaining a distinguished profile in this field, Copcisa Industrial’ companies establish rigorous quality control checks throughout all their works and services processes.

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Copcisa Industrial chooses a quality management system that is based on the standard ISO 9001:00, the international standard which provides us with a performance tool on quality through a structured process, the ultimate aim being the constant improvement of our quality processes.

In applying standard ISO 9001:00 a Quality Plan has been drawn up. This is a document which plans the actions that will be put in place in order to guarantee that the work is carried out correctly. The Plan includes the identification and assessment of the legal requirements and project specifications, the definition of proceedings to be followed and the control thereof.

The Copcisa Industrial companies holding the quality certificate ISO 9001:00 are Copcisa, Novantia, Istem, Pabasa, Innovía and Coptalia.

The Quality Management System supports continual improvement as it establishes a system which checks the level of application and the fulfilment of standards by means of both internal and external audits.

All the measures regarding quality protection and assurance are strengthened with human resources management which aims to provide all the professionals at Copcisa Industrial with the appropriate and specific training for them to carry out their tasks. Likewise, Copcisa Industrial boasts a total of 30 specialised staff members. Half of these professionals have qualifications in Civil Engineering. The other half are qualified in Environmental Sciences.

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