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Copcisa Industrial understands that the growth and diversification of the group of companies is a cause and effect of the people that constitute them

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Human Resources management at Copcisa Industrial is geared towards creating and energising highly professional teams, capable of building works and offering services with quality, security, respect for the environment, able to meet the agreed deadline and in economic balance. Two fundamental lines mark the Human Resources policy at Copcisa Industrial: harnessing talent and training.

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Harnessing talent
Copcisa Industrial aims to identify and recruit talent and to incorporate it into the organisation, through people seeking a professional assignment which meets their expectations.

In order to do this, Copcisa Industrial strengthens its presence year by year at the University Schools, targeting the organised Employment Forums. Among these we should highlight the Higher Technical Schools of Road Engineers in Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña and Santander.

Similarly, internal communication has been improved so that, whenever a vacant post arises in any of the companies that make up the Copcisa Industrial Group, everybody can have access to the information and therefore to the employment possibilities generated by the group.

Copcisa Industrial is committed to offering training which combines the experience of our professionals with specialised views from outside. With this aim in mind, the integration and training plan of Copcisa Industrial passes on the Group’s own values. Collaboration with external professionals allows us to remain up-to-date with innovations and to glean firsthand knowledge of specific subjects.

The courses for new starter technicians allow us to prepare our human capital to face the challenges arising in their professional roles.

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