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Copcisa was one of the first companies in the sector to have its R+D+i management system accredited

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› Of note:

· Processing the first Copcisa patent on a platform to reduce risks in loading and unloading operations in construction.

· The construction of a prototype of compact plant for cleaning concrete gutters.

· Setting up a company to research, manage and assess iron and steel aggregate in construction.

· The launch of a corporate intranet as a vehicle for managing the knowledge possessed by company staff.


Year after year, Copcisa Industrial reiterates its commitment to innovation, as expressed in the motto of its general convention, “Innovation, Quality and Commitment”.

After having become one of the first Spanish companies in the construction sector to have its R+D+i Management System accredited in accordance with the standard UNE 166002, Copcisa’s activity has become systematically and regularly consolidated.

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The innovation strategy is geared towards the following strategic areas:

  • Construction processes and prefabrication.
  • Construction that is compatible with environmentally sustainable development.
  • Occupational safety and health in construction.
  • Internal Management and distribution of knowledge among our entire professional team.

By means of research into activities and procedures that are not currently used in the construction industry, Copcisa proposes the development of new products or construction processes in order to incorporate them into its normal activity in a more general way.

Once the technical reliability and the benefits that may arise from increasing or ensuring the quality of operations undertaken, or security in construction processes has been noted, said integration occurs. It is a case of generating economic value for the company or its clients and/or introducing the company to specific sectors of activity within the company diversification strategy.

Regarding the internal implementation of promotion policy and innovation management, the challenges are:

  • Standardising the sessions on idea exchange among the group’s professionals.
  • Approving new pre-project and projects arising from the contributions of said sessions.
  • Externally auditing the R+D+i management system, with entirely positive results.

Several Copcisa Industrial companies come together on some projects, strengthening the group’s synergies and therefore its competitiveness.

The rigorous approach of the Copcisa proposals has been rewarded by the central government, as it has granted assistance to one of its R+D+i programmes, in which Copcisa acts as coordinator of a group of companies. The value of projects for which Copcisa has received assistance totals over three million euros.

Copcisa Industrial makes the increase of its diversified activity and competitiveness compatible with sustainable development in risk prevention and aspects regarding the environment, quality and customer service.

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