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The objective is to achieve waste management which guarantees its value and at the same time, to conserve biodiversity and land sustainability.

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Copcisa Industrial has the strategic objective of minimising the environmental impact derived from its activities and services. For this reason, it identifies and evaluates the effects of its operations and subsequently implements the necessary measures.

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Se trata de implantar pautas que, basadas en la prevención y optimización de los recursos humanos y materiales, encaminan a la mejora permanente en la eficacia de los procesos y en el respeto al medio ambiente previniendo la contaminación. De este modo, las empresas de Copcisa InIt is a question of putting guidelines in place which, based on the prevention and optimisation of human and material resources, lead to a permanent improvement in the effectiveness of the processes and in respect for the environment, preventing pollution. In this way, the Copcisa Industrial companies carry out various operations to reduce the consumption of resources with the aim of achieving waste management in a way that guarantees its value and at the same time conserves biodiversity and land sustainability.

The awareness that the Copcisa Industrial Group has raised regarding the impact on its natural surroundings has led it to edit two information projects, one internal for works, “Manual on Good Environmental Practices at Work” and the other to be distributed more broadly in society, “Guide on Spreading and Raising Awareness on Environmental Management” (the company’s Social Responsibility), both of which were drawn up by the Environmental Technicians team at the Copcisa Industrial Group.

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