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Copcisa Industrial has become a benchmark for construction and the management of infrastructures and services

Valores de Copcisa Industrial


  1. Security
  2. Quality
  3. Human Team
  4. R+D+i
  5. Environment

› Our success is the result of the balance of several core values which have become competitive advantages for each of our specialised companies.




SeguridadPeople’s security in all Copcisa Industrial’s operations is an aspect which is in place from the initial planning phase throughout all the different processes, with the identification of potential risks and the involvement of professionals who are specialised in the subject. This commitment is seen in the frequent security audits that the Group undergoes.

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CalidadQuality is viewed as both an essential objective and a working framework. For years, governments (central, regional and local), as well as the most prestigious private companies, have been placing their trust in indicators of high quality of the works and services offered by Copcisa Industrial. This quality translates to different aspects such as works of a high standard, strict respect for deadlines and firm commitment in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Equipo HumanoThe staff at Copcisa Industrial are of the highest level, the team being made up of young professionals with high educational qualifications. Copcisa Industrial maintains a consistent policy of internal promotion of its professionals at all levels. This is a human resources strategy which is highly valued in the main independent evaluations of the sectors.

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I+D+iR+D+i constitutes a strategic axis for Copcisa Industrial. It applies across a broad spectrum of specific projects which are developed either independently or in collaboration with other industrial companies or university departments. Several of Copcisa Industrial’s companies naturally come together on some of the projects, making best use of the synergies and encouraging a corporate culture of innovation and excellence.

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Medio AmbienteRespect for the environment is a vital requirement in all the procedures undertaken by the companies of Copcisa Industrial. The Group’s environmental policy aims to mark a certain style, responsible for procedures across all of the companies’ operations.

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